Mielisairaalamuistoihin pohjautuva kirjoittamistyöpaja (materiaali ja ohjeet sekä suomeksi että englanniksi) ja englanninkielinen luento mielisairauden yhteiskunnallisista ja kielellisistä juurista Koneen säätiön kamarissa 11.11. klo 13-16

We present a scientific and humane theory of mental illness by probing into the foundations of language and society.

This is an invite-only event. Please register here: https://goo.gl/7CvYrf

Place: Koneen Säätiön Kamari (Tehtaankatu 21 B 45, 5. kerros)

13:00 – Karoliina Maanmieli: Experimental writing workshop/ Kirjoittamistyöpaja:

Create your own imaginary mental-hospital memory inspired by real mental-hospital memories./ Luo oma kuvitteellinen mielisairaalamuistosi todellisten mielisairaalamuistojen pohjalta

14:00 – Jose Maanmieli: So what is mental illness?

We all have a certain intuition about what mental illness is, especially those who have suffered it. The job of psychiatric experts and researchers, however, depends on an accurate definition that we still do not really have. In this picture-rich presentation, I illustrate how such conceptual confusion relates to the philosophy of language and morality by going ”back to basics”. This gives us a clear picture of the situation: Mental illness is more about the social than about the mental; it tells us about the human condition. An evolutionary hypothesis that is consistent with current multidisciplinary research is therefore also discussed.